Winning Matters – Leading High Performance Teams

ECI Partners 2017 CEO Dinner with Sean Fitzpatrick.

ECI hosted its annual portfolio CEO event in February, with guests speakers Sean Fitzpatrick and Chris Morris. The event focused on distilling the lessons learned from high performance teams; our CEOs had the opportunity to hear Chris Morris, CEO of Citation (which ECI sold for 5.4x money in 2016 to HG Capital) talk about cultural change, and then Sean Fitzpatrick, former record winning captain of the All Blacks rugby team, add his fascinating views on building and sustaining high performance teams.

Sean spoke about how the culture of success permeates the All Blacks, and shared how that is honed and maintained across the generations.

Sean’s top tips:

  • Remember your losses more than your wins, stay hungry
  • Focus on what you do best and making sure you deliver that consistently
  • Winning matters, those final yards are the difference to getting the result

As part of our cross-portfolio programme, that brings together senior functional managers from across the businesses we back, we also recently hosted a workshop focused on Marketing and Sales performance as well as on HR and Talent Development.