Clarke Energy

The Business

Clarke Energy is a multinational specialist in engineering, construction, installation and maintenance of gas felled electrical power soultions from a range of gaseous inputs with a strong service capability in the after-market.

How we helped

During our investment ECI supported (and equity funded) Clarke Energy in overseas acquisitions in Bangladesh, South Africa, Botswana and the US, helping the business to become a truly global player. By exit this included 22 global territories.

ECI also helped to refine Clarke’s strategic goals by rejecting other initiatives which included channel partner diversification or buy, build, own, operate, which would have been capital intensive and lower yield. 

Results and return

During ECI’s investment, the business continued to outperform the market through investment in people and technology and delivered consistent, profitable growth. Turnover grew 50%, with a four year revenue CAGR of over 10% and EBITDA CAGR of over 11% taking total group revenue to over £300m at exit. Group employment growth was 60% (13% CAGR) taking global employees to over 1000.

ECI sold the business in 2017, delivering a multiple of 2.3x cost to investors and 21% IRR, through a combination of good growth with globally diverse end markets, and strong cash generation provided by the resilient level of service and maintenance contracts.