How we’re helping

Avantia is a leading tech-enabled virtual insurer, using its decisioning platform to maintain the most effective online quotability of any household insurer in the UK, via the market’s no.1 brand, HomeProtect. It returns a quote to over 98% of applicants in under one second, with c.80% of its new customers in what other insurers would deem to be ‘difficult to insure’ risk categories.  Following strong growth and returns from ECI’s initial investment in 2014, we reinvested in Avantia in 2021 from our ECI 11 fund.

Tech & data:

  • We have supported significant investment in tech & data capability to enable Avantia to price more effectively than its competitors through its proprietary machine learning platform, Cortex, which pulls together data from across the entire customer journey.
  • That real time decisioning platform initially focused on pricing, but is now utilised across operations and marketing, and with scope for future applications.

Sales & marketing:

  • Avantia has connected its data decisioning platform with Google Ads to improve the accuracy of its paid search bidding by better estimating a customer’s lifetime value. Since doing so it has increased its paid search ROI by 40%.