International Podcast Day 2023 – our favourite episodes

This Saturday is International Podcast Day, so we thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate some of our top episodes from the ECI podcast, Building Successful Businesses, where we speak to CEOs about their business journeys and the lessons they’ve learned on the way. We asked the ECI team their favourite ever episodes, so dive right in!

Lewis Bantin, Partner

“As a big rugby fan – and well-timed given the World Cup – I loved Martyn Phillips’ episode looking at who has a harder time, CEOs or a rugby head coach, and what businesses can learn from sport. As ex-CEO of WRU, we clearly don’t agree on who we’re backing (come on Ireland!) but the importance of instant and constructive feedback to making sure everyone is performing, is definitely something we see eye to eye on.”

Daniel Bailey, Investment Director

“This episode back from 2021 with Peter Sweetbaum, CEO of Content+Cloud, is a great insight into just how transformative Peter’s M&A strategy and associated rebrand was at the business. It’s great to listen back to, seeing now how that contributed to such a successful exit.”

Sean Whelan, Managing Partner

“To be clear, I’m not just biased because I get a mention in this one! In this episode Duncan Painter, CEO of Ascential plc and ECI alumni from Clarity Blue, chats about how to make sure you surround yourself with mentors and partners during a successful career. It’s something I definitely also value – making sure you stay in touch with people whose perspective can add something different to your own, so I think Duncan offers some great advice everyone can use.”

Rich Pearce, Investment Director

“I work with lots of management teams looking at how to engage their people and make sure they have a fantastic company culture. So, this episode with Joanna Swash, CEO of Moneypenny, really brings to life what I love to see – CEOs who put employee engagement at the heart of their business. Joanna shares some great advice about the importance of having happy people, which leads to happy customers, and how Moneypenny achieves that as they scale internationally.”

Fiona Moore, Head of ESG (and host of Building Successful Businesses!)

“No, as host I refuse to pick my favourite! I couldn’t do that to my guests. I have loved recording all the episodes, and am so grateful to all the CEOs who have shared their amazing stories with us. Instead, I would encourage everyone to subscribe and keep an ear out for future episodes!”

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