How we helped

ClarityBlue was a customer intelligence consulting and systems integration company, offering solutions to its customers to help them make better informed decisions around targeting and acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers.

Sales & marketing:

  • During our investment the business grew rapidly, establishing itself as a key service provider to blue chip clients such as Barclaycard, Orange, Wanadoo and BSkyB. Sales grew over 40% per annum from £11m in 2003 to approximately £30m in 2006.

People & culture:

  • We helped build a team around the Founder, Duncan Painter, including introducing Andrew Vaughan, previously CEO of Workplace Technologies, as Chair.

In 2006 ECI sold ClarityBlue to Experian, delivering a return of 8x. Duncan Painter went on to become Global Product Leader at Experian, and is now CEO of Ascential Plc.