Mobysoft announces partnership with social impact business, Beam

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ECI-backed Mobysoft has partnered with Beam, a social impact tech-for-good operation that matches homeless people with jobs and homes via its innovative technology-led platform.

The multi-faceted partnership will see Mobysoft supporting BEAM through an initial donation and throughout the year to support their homeless beneficiaries into jobs and homes. 100% of donations will fund job training, travel costs, work tools, rental deposits and other items that present a barrier to Beam’s beneficiaries.

Furthermore, the two organisations will speak at joint events and co-author data-based reports on topics centred on homelessness, its causes, and how the social housing sector can positively impact the situation.

“We are excited to partner with Beam, an innovative organisation that, much like Mobysoft, endeavours to enable positive outcomes for the social good. Our proprietary data analytics now comprises of the largest income dataset in social housing of circa 2 million tenants. The insights help prevent vulnerable tenants from falling into arrears and risking homelessness. Our tech-for-good ethos and the social values which underpin our products are closely aligned with those of Beam, who will directly benefit from the insight and trend analysis from the Mobysoft dataset.

As such, this partnership will allow Mobysoft to share sector knowledge as well as help support Beam’s mission of matching homeless people with jobs and homes. We look forward to working together to make a positive impact on people’s lives”

Paul Evans

CEO, Mobysoft

“Solving homelessness requires a multi-stakeholder approach – including government, companies, landlords and civic society. We’re excited to welcome Mobysoft as a corporate partner and work collaboratively on innovative solutions to the homelessness crisis.”

Alex Stephany

Founder and CEO of Beam

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