Think Money Group

The Business

Think Money Group is the UK’s largest provider of financial services to over-indebted consumers. Its offering includes debt management services, individual voluntary arrangements, banking services and mortgage/loan brokering.

How we helped

ECI worked with management pre-deal to review and implement new regulatory guidelines, which led to the introduction of enhanced financial and regulatory systems to the business.

During ECI’s investment period, the business broadened its product offering to include individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs), loan and remortgage broking and bank accounts. This was complemented by extensive development and diversification of customer acquisition channels, specifically including the development of a substantial online route to market.

Results and return

Following multiple refinancings, the eventual sale of the business completed in July 2007 to Alchemy Partners. The total proceeds from this investment delivered a multiple of 15.6x and an IRR of 103%.