ECI Portfolio CTO Event 2018

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Portfolio CTO forum

We recently hosted the 2018 edition of our CTO forum, which forms a part of our regular cross-portfolio executive workshop programme – a series of events where professionals within ECI portfolio companies can network and share insights with others in their functional area.

Speakers included a combination of senior leaders of portfolio companies, as well as external advisers, who shared their experience delivering transformation programs, dealing with cyber risk, and learnings from exit processes. The presentations were full of insight for attendees including:

  • The importance of business readiness phase in transformation projects, and identifying shadow systems that don’t appear on architecture diagrams
  • How the level of Cyber activity has rapidly escalated in recent years, such as the 40% increase in ransomware attacks over the last 12 months
  • The importance of security audits pre-sale process, and of being open with technical challenges the business has and how you plan to tackle them

The event was a great opportunity for senior technical leaders from the UK and abroad to get together, and discuss some of the challenges they face within similar sized, private equity backed growth businesses.