1 in 6 HR managers are using virtual reality to recruit

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New research from ECI has revealed that newer forms of technology, such as AI and virtual reality (VR), are now being used by HR managers to support their recruitment and onboarding processes.

1 in 6 HR leaders are using virtual reality and nearly 1 in 5 are using other technologies such as AI to support their recruitment efforts. While it is early days in the uptake of this innovative technology for recruitment, it’s a step-change in using technology to attract the next generation of talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Nearly half (45%) say they have used social media platforms to help support them in the current hiring environment. Given that 73% of millennials have found a job directly through social media, according to StandOut CV, it’s clear this is a valuable platform for HR managers to reach a larger pool of talent in a cost-effective way.

The use of other forms of traditional technology in recruitment and onboarding processes is also evident, with nearly four in 10 (38%) managers using onboarding platforms, and over a third (35%) using both applicant tracking software and background check technology respectively.

Stephen Roberts, Partner at ECI, on tech and virtual reality in HR processes:

“Given the sheer level of competition in today’s recruitment market, it’s unsurprising that there is greater use of technology to support hiring efforts – particularly with more established technology like social media and onboarding platforms. In a competitive market, it is key that your technology gives you access to a wider talent pool, enables a streamlined and easy-to-manage interview and onboarding process, and continues through to how you can train and retain candidates once they join.

The emergence of more cutting-edge technologies like VR and AI in recruitment is particularly interesting. HR managers clearly recognise the need to give themselves a competitive advantage in a crowded market and are using these to attract the next generation of talent. With 1 in 6 managers using VR, there’s scope for interviews and onboarding to be conducted in an entirely new and innovative way.”

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