ECI Growth Index 2019

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10 years back. 10 years forward.

Now in its tenth year, ECI Partners’ Growth Index is the only research in the UK focused exclusively on growth companies.

When ECI Partners launched the Growth Index 10 years ago, Instagram was a mere idea, Twitter was a toddler at four, and Facebook was all of six years old. A decade later and a billion people use Instagram every month, and more than 500 million use the platform every day. That is staggering growth in the context of global growth companies.

As part of this year’s Growth Index we have looked back over the last decade and how far we have come since 2009. We have surveyed hundreds of UK growth companies to get a view of today’s UK growth company environment. And we have looked ahead to 2029, and got a sense of what prospects and opportunities the future has in store.

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