ECI Growth Survey 2013

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Economic growth matters for everyone, but it is driven by relatively few individuals. This is because most economies are powered by high-growth companies. It is this that I believe makes this report (and those ECI has produced in previous years) valuable. These high-growth companies are the exporters and producers who will drive the UK’s recovery.

By seeking the views of those running these companies, this survey seeks to build a clearer picture of what can be done to help them achieve their growth objectives. Perhaps the most encouraging finding to come from this report is that it presents clear evidence that confidence is finally returning to the UK economy and indeed to most parts of the global economy.

However this confidence, and the growth that will flow from it, remains fragile. We must all do everything we can to carefully nurture this recovery. That means policymakers and politicians need to listen to the thoughts, views and opinions of business leaders. Research such as this report can be a powerful tool for getting these insights across to those running the economy.

The UK has a great heritage and a proud tradition in creating excellent high-growth businesses. Too often in the past we have been too shy about selling ourselves around the world. We have been too afraid to explain exactly why Great Britain is great. There is plenty of evidence in this report to show that as confidence returns across all sectors and regions, as faith in the government’s achievements and approach to the economy grows, these high-growth businesses are prepared and ready to really put their foot down and accelerate into a new golden era for the UK economy.

We have already created some of the best companies in the world in sectors as diverse as high-technology services and manufacturing, education and business and professional services, in healthcare and medical research. And we have the financial services and investment infrastructure to exploit these companies on a global scale.

It is encouraging to see that so many business leaders in this report are confident that their companies will be able to access the finance they need to grow and expand over the coming year. I look forward to reading more about their successes as the recovery really takes hold and the UK finally shakes off the last traces of recession and recovers its adventurous, high-growth attitude.

There are signs from all across the economy that we are finally heading in a more positive direction.

Lord Bilimoria CBE, DL
Cobra Beer Partnership

Download: ECI Growth Survey 2013 (PDF)