How we’re helping

4ways is a leading, high growth, teleradiology company. 4ways uses its sophisticated technology platform to deliver a 24hrs a day, tech-enabled service, providing routine, out-of-hours and specialist clinical reporting on diagnostic images which helps hospitals, CCGs and other healthcare providers to deliver high quality and efficient care to their patients.

Sales & marketing:

  • With the support of our Commercial Team, 4ways has built out a map of potential customer opportunities in the UK, and systemised this into a new Salesforce CRM system, augmented with marketing automation to drive lead generation and sales conversion.
  • We have also helped 4ways assess where incremental opportunities exist, over and above the strong UK radiology customer base, and 4ways is now making investments to grow into adjacent markets.

Tech & Data:

  • Since ECI’s investment, we have helped 4ways increase its focus on how it can leverage AI technology, including rolling out cutting edge AI radiology solutions across its urgent reporting services to further enhance patient safety, reporting accuracy and clinical outcomes. Always-on AI solutions help to detect acute abnormalities by automatically highlighting them directly in the radiology workflow, expediting patient treatment and improving quality of care.
  • Since ECI’s investment, 4ways has also been one of the first to upgrade to IBM Watson Health’s cutting-edge Merge PACS 8.0 platform, introducing new automation features and providing a seamless reporting system for 4ways’ teleradiologists with improved turnaround times and increased service robustness for clients. The relationship with IBM Watson is also strategically important given the focus on how to bring the best of AI to 4ways customers.
  • Leveraging the investment in tech and data, the investment has also helped the business implement a number of operational process improvements impacting effectiveness and efficiency.

People & culture:

  • 4ways supported radiologists to report Covid-19 activity for their own NHS Trust from home for free using 4ways’ remote platform and 4ways in-home equipment.
  • There have also been a number of changes to the senior team, with strong hires joining at CFO, COO and CCO.